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Impact Case Gun Cases

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A gun case isn’t just for looks. It should protect your valuable weapons from any trauma that might befall them during transport and storage. Think impacts, falls, vandalism and weather. It should also protect against mischief or accidental exposure to children or unqualified users.

The details of these Plano Gun Cases are legendary. For extreme durability and weight savings, they are made from light-weight .063 or .08 thick 5052 air craft aluminum alloy, which is three times stronger than plastic but lighter weight. Tough construction virtually eliminates torsional twisting and flexing that commonly occurs with lesser cases. Welded, crush-proof, extra strength corners help to make them virtually indestructible!

Every case has a 16-gauge aluminum, full length piano-style hinge that completely integrates the case lid to the body and makes intrusion through the hinge side of the case impossible. It opens and closes smoothly and silently. Stainless steel locking tab and rod effectively and securely locks all latches down simultaneously while creating a single point to attach a padlock. Spring-loaded carrying handle features plated corrosion-resistant steel construction and automatically fold down flat while not in use.

Rubber gasket and sealed rivets seal the cases against harmful intrusion of water and dust. Inside, thick foam compresses and conforms to the contours of your guns, holding firearms securely in place and eliminating harmful abrasion. It provides consistent pressure that prevents slippage or shifting when impact occurs.


Las Vegas DUI Defense Attorney

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In addition to damaging your reputation and negatively affecting your relationships and your ability to find work, a drunk-driving conviction can have serious legal ramifications. In Las Vegas, even first-time offenders may face fines of hundreds of dollars, months in jail, hundreds of community service hours, and other penalties. A third DUI offense is considered a felony and therefore carries much harsher penalties.

Whether you’re facing your first, second, or third DUI offense, having a skilled attorney on your side can be the difference between winning and losing your case.


Representation from a Trusted Flint DUI Lawyer

He is devoted to finding defending his clients and ensuring that they maintain their legal rights when those rights are at stake. As a thoroughly educated attorney with a strong reputation among clients, judges, and fellow attorneys, he has defended many DUI case defendants and gotten them their equal legal justice. No case is too big or too small for DUI Defense Attorney to handle.

If you need a Las Vegas DUI Defense Attorney, call us today. We will start on your case immediately so your legal problems can quickly be behind you.

Best Plumber Gastonia NC

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Among the many resources that are available to Plumber Gastonia NC, people are the most valuable. The continued success of our company is directly related to the performance of our staff.


Our Philosophy

A professional full services company with friendly, reliable, quality minded people who provide “Old Fashioned Service”, using modern technology.

Our Goal is: To Be;

  • The Premier Services Company in our Marketplace.
  • To provide; top quality products, workmanship, and professional service and installations to fulfill the wants, needs, and desires of our customers.
  • To provide; full year-round employment for all of our employees with compensation commensurate with individual ability and initiative.
  • To provide adequate benefits to our employees and their families in order that they may work and live with peace of mind.
  • To provide proper tools, materials, equipment, and workplace environment in order that our employees can work efficiently, safely, and happily.
  • To maintain continuous training opportunities within all aspects of our company structure so that we may grow from within as much as possible.
  • To maintain a level of competent service at at all times, and keep abreast of changes within our industry and our world.
  • To treat all persons fairly, regardless of race, religious creed, sex, age or national origin,
  • To abide by the letter and spirit of our code of ethics, and the laws and codes which govern our industry, community, state and federal government.
  • To earn a profit so that we can continue to grow and provide the foregoing benefits for each and every one of our customers and employees.

Quality Pest Control Charlotte NC

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When Charlotte locals need pest control services that know to call Pest Control Charlotte NC because of excellent reputation and affordable service. We’ve been servicing the area for a number of years and have developed a great reputation for always providing a trustworthy and professional service.


Pest Control Charlotte NC | Charlotte Pest are the preferred pest control specialists in Charlotte because we always go above and beyond for our customers. We’ll always arrive when agreed, provide the ideal treatment for the pests you’re concerned about and do it all at the most affordable rate available.

Our services are safe and effective. With prices starting at just $79 per treatment we’re without doubt the most affordable Charlotte pest control service.

Charlotte Pest Control Services

We provide a full range of pest control services throughout the Charlotte area and our service is specifically catered to be safe in all environments including domestic, industrial and commercial.


Termites are no laughing matter so don’t risk the rest, only use the best, call Pest Control Charlotte NC today.

We’re the local Charlotte termite experts that can help with everything such as pre purchase property inspections, treatments for infected properties and of course preventative measures.


Although we’re your local termite experts we’re also extremely proficient at dealing with all other pests including black and brown ants, cockroaches (German cockroaches included), spiders, wasps, carpet beetles and bed bugs.

Best Routers out there

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An excellent network is usually judged by the speed of its Internet and by the quality it can sustain this speed. A major factor in the overall excellence of a network will rely on the router you choose. These days, no ordinary router would do to setup your network. You need a high speed Internet router to provide your network with a fast Internet and at great quality. Cheap high speed internet routers are great if you want to take advantage of all the latest Internet technology such as video streaming, online games, social networking and cloud computing.


NETGEAR WNR2000 Wireless-N Router

This router made by Netgear uses the latest 802.11 n protocol to provide you with up to 15 times more speed and up to 5 times more coverage when compared to standard 802.11 g routers.  Setting this up in your home network is easy to do with its simplified installation CD. In less than 10 minutes your home network will be up and running. You will be pleased to hear that this is also one of the cheapest 802.11 n routers available in the market today. Adding additional wireless devices has never been easier with its Wi-Fi protected Setup; you no longer have to manually do it.

Linksys WRT110 RangePlus Wireless Router

The first thing you would notice about this router is its small size, making it look compact and slim. This would make an excellent choice for people looking for a sleek router. It offers you excellent compatibility with wireless devices, capable of handling 802.11 b and 802.11 g. it also has 4 ethernet ports to let you connect up to 4 desktop computers or you could connect a switch to add more computers to your network. This device has the proprietary RangePlus technology of Linksys which provides you with excellent wireless connectivity over the 802.11 g protocol.

D-Link Ethernet Broadband Router EBR-2310

Looking for a way to easily setup a home network? With this router it is possible with the easy setup guide; you can easily share your Internet connection with the various devices in your home. This router is great for people who just want a wired connection and now a wireless connection. You can connect up to 4 devices on its fast ethernet ports which provide you a maximum of 100MBps of Internet speed. Its built in firewall assures you that your network is protected from possible threats coming from the Internet.

Linksys WRT610N Simultaneous Dual-N Band Wireless Router

This router has a compact design that can fit in most tight spaces. You are assured of excellent wireless connectivity with this router due to its dual band mode, 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Tests have shown that you can get a good connection as far as 250 feet in the 5GHz mode and up to 270 feet in the 2.4GHz mode. It also has an added function of connecting a network storage device. All you have to do is plug in a USB hard drive in its USB port and it can be easily accessed over your network. You can also connect 4 devices using a wired connection through its 4 ethernet ports.

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