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There is so much difference between file system data and files as these are stored in different locations of hard drive. The operating system can use the file system to locate the files on the disk. You might feel that your files are gone but actually these files are still in the computer in perfect condition. There is always possibility of data recovery Perth in any case of data loss. If the files reside in the actual registry with readable sectors, data can be easily recovered even in case of damaged file system or FAT entries. Data recovery is basically finding the lost data. You can either built file system or copy it from actual sectors.


If there is no data on the hard drive then there is no possibility of data recovery as this data is overwritten, corrupted or physically damaged. The data can be found it is in the hard drive. It is really an art to find the lost data which exists on the hard drive. You can retrieve some sectors of the data containing file even if it is overwritten. You can rebuild the partial damaged files but you need to have special knowledge for this data recovery. You can get help from the utilities for normal data recovery operations and rebuild file system. There will be third party software required but it can be done in the physically damaged hard drives.

It can be very important thing for you to install software on the drive if you have lost your data. You will need to save additional information on the drive and if the files are overwritten then it can be very difficult to recover data. You can install the software on different location in order to find the data information. You should take an old hard drive out of storage if you are using Windows based data recovery tool. You should remove the hard drive and connect it to the systems as primary master and then perform minimal installation of the Windows. After the Windows installation, you can install data recovery software onto new drive and then reconnect your hard drive with lost data to the computer.

You can not be able to locate data in the actual drive with lost data with the professional data recovery. They just perform mirror copy of the data to the new drive. You can use the new computer with the same BIOS and hard disk controller types if the computers are no longer usable. The data can not be read with different BIOS and disk controller. You should not use the computer if the hard drive is not detected at full capacity. The low cost data recovery tools will not work if BIOS prevents your file from detection. You will need the services of the data recovery professionals for the data recovery in this case.

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