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Among the many resources that are available to Plumber Gastonia NC, people are the most valuable. The continued success of our company is directly related to the performance of our staff.


Our Philosophy

A professional full services company with friendly, reliable, quality minded people who provide “Old Fashioned Service”, using modern technology.

Our Goal is: To Be;

  • The Premier Services Company in our Marketplace.
  • To provide; top quality products, workmanship, and professional service and installations to fulfill the wants, needs, and desires of our customers.
  • To provide; full year-round employment for all of our employees with compensation commensurate with individual ability and initiative.
  • To provide adequate benefits to our employees and their families in order that they may work and live with peace of mind.
  • To provide proper tools, materials, equipment, and workplace environment in order that our employees can work efficiently, safely, and happily.
  • To maintain continuous training opportunities within all aspects of our company structure so that we may grow from within as much as possible.
  • To maintain a level of competent service at at all times, and keep abreast of changes within our industry and our world.
  • To treat all persons fairly, regardless of race, religious creed, sex, age or national origin,
  • To abide by the letter and spirit of our code of ethics, and the laws and codes which govern our industry, community, state and federal government.
  • To earn a profit so that we can continue to grow and provide the foregoing benefits for each and every one of our customers and employees.

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