Good Huntington Beach Tree Service

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Huntington Beach Tree Service Company has a crew of expert tree trimmers, tree climbers and tree cutters that are dedicated, motivated and respectful to its customer’s tree service needs. If you are looking for tree service you will find that our staff is capable of identifying the types of trees or stumps you have in your yard, providing you useful homeowner information about the type of root growth to watch out for or other signs of tree health issues.


To promote strong, healthy tree growth you need professional tree trimming and tree care services performed by certified arborists. If you have a tree in Huntington Beach that is damaged or growing improperly you could be putting off an easy fix only to encounter a bigger tree problem later. Are you worried about losing the shade your tree provides? That shouldn’t be a concern at all! Our Huntington Beach tree trimmers and climbers can professionally assess your tree and give you options on maintaining as much of the shade as possible.

Most of the trimming and pruning we perform to trees is simply the removal of dead branches and water sprouts that can only harm your tree. In fact, pruning trees promotes growth of new, healthy sprouts that will eventually fill in the pruned area and potentially provide better shade! Our tree trimming isn’t limited to the removal of damaged branches – we can also remove branches that are hanging over the street, coming close to power lines, touching your home or even interfering with the neighbor’s property. Don’t trust your tree trimming to anyone – make sure the company you hire has tree trimmers and tree climbers certified by the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture). Improper trimming of trees can lead to tree disease or tree death which may result in the need of a tree removal service instead of a tree trimming service.

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