How to Contact Microsoft Customer Service?

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Windows 10 Tech Support is accessible through the inbuilt app called contact support. It is available in the extensive catalog of windows 10 tutorials. You can also get help from windows 10 forums when you have windows 10 privacy issues.

Windows 10 is a new updated operating system version from Microsoft which is enabled with latest features and user-friendly interface. However, Whatever new comes on the market, It becomes vital to understand its contact and support system before purchasing. Either Windows 10 licensed copies are available in the new laptops, PC or tablets or they are accessible in the market for purchase. If you are using a pirated copy of Windows 10, then there is no help which technical support department of Windows 10 Microsoft can execute. The service of help and support is attainable only by the licensed users.

How Many Ways Are There for Windows 10 Tech Support?

Windows 10 tech support is accessible in several types-

  • Via Microsoft- you can avail help through the contact support app built i.e. built in windows 10.
  • From PC advisor- extensive catalog available as Windows 10 tutorials.
  • Independent windows 10 forum- where you can request for help and you will receive answers from windows experts instantly.


Features of Windows 10:

Some features are borrowed from its past windows versions, whereas some are new to alter the technical issues which prevailed in windows 8. Here are brief points to explain the features of Windows 10-

  • Smarter Design- the windows main display are usually similar to old formats of windows 7 and 8 but its start menu is very attractive than ever before. Cortana is the featured view given to Windows 10 users.
  • Start Menu Return– earlier in windows 8 start menu was eliminated and that is why it is again added to a user-friendly approach. Start menu addition was in demand by the users and it came back on an average petition of the market.
  • No More Internet Explorer– you are getting Microsoft edge instead of internet explorer as a web browser. This is the major alteration done so far.
  • Multiple Desktop Options– there is an option for multiple desktops that you can do manually as per your requirement.
  • Notification Center– now you will have an access to the windows central notification center
  • Multiple Features– you are getting Continuum Bridge and universal apps through the windows 10.

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