Protecting your apartment when you’re away

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What Does Frontpoint Cost?

There are three Frontpoint security packages available. The Protection Plan is $34.99 a month, and includes security, fire and Carbon Monoxide monitoring, as well as Life Safety coverage for medical emergencies. The Interactive Monitoring Plan costs $44.99 a month, allowing you to monitor and control your system remotely. The Ultimate Monitoring Plan, at $49.99 a month, includes home automation features. Excellent Customer Service Your alarm system is about more than just technology. The people behind the system are equally important. Frontpoint professionals are trained to help you. They monitor your system around the clock, all year long. If trouble occurs, they’re able to quickly contact local emergency services and send you the help you need.


The video surveillance allows you to personally monitor your home, in real time, from virtually anywhere. Additionally, Frontpoint professionals monitor your system 24/7, so you’re getting priceless peace of mind.

Protecting your apartment when you’re away with Frontpoint. Frontpoint monitors your security around the clock, never leaving you unguarded. They coordinate with authorities in your area, so you get the power of a national security service with the speed of local emergency services.

Plus, professionals not only monitor your system day and night, they’re also available during set-up, installation and any other time when you have a question or concern. Overall, they provide comfortable peace of mind for you and your family. We hope you enjoyed reading our Frontpoint reviews.

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