Quality underfloor heating

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Underfloor Heating Systems recommended best buys and comparisons can be found here. Although great information is found here you will also be served well by looking for best deals and top selling models by researching your options online.

In Floor Heating Mats Roll out Warm Floors in floor heating mats over a subfloor, shape them to fit the room, and cover them with a thin-set or self-leveling mortar. Almost any floor covering works great. Warm Floors is most popular in baths, kitchens, and entries. We have models for every room in the house.


Warm Floors In Floor Heating Wire

Warm Floors in floor heating wire heats the same way as Warm Floors mats, but cost less and installs differently. Secure the wire straps to the subfloor and stretch the wire between them.

Under the Floor Mats If your finished floor is cold, install Warm Floors Under the Floor mats between floor joists to warm the room above.

Onix installs with less labor and takes jobsite abuse better than any other radiant pipe. Easy to install at any temp., not damaged by sunlight, flame and freeze resistant – order yours today!

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