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Things To Consider Before Starting a SEO Perth service

Results can’t be guranteed
With the hordes of competition for each key word that stretches into the thousands, all of which are looking for top 10, it takes a hard working company to achieve any kind of positive search results. All that can be guaranteed is the quality of service provided.

Rank changes over time
Stopping the SEO service after reaching top 10 would be a mistake, as the search engines change their SERPs (search engine results page) daily. Understand that the process of SEO is an ongoing thing, not a one time fix. Competition is out there improving their standings daily, and if you do not keep up then you will be left behind after your 15 minutes of fame.


Ranking varies from day to day
Google is forever changing their algorithms, and as they do it could affect your ranking. Don’t panic and blame the company handling your SEO. It may take a few days for you to rank where you were with a key phrase, sometimes weeks. If your website is a quality site and you have done everything above board then you should get back your spot eventually.

It could also be reliant on a particular data center, which could flaw results in an area.


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